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With hundreds of projects like these under our belts and under warranty, we are equipped to make your project happen more smoothly and quickly than ever!

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Roof Installation with Framing Repairs

Size: $35,000

Duration: 3 Days

Description: Remove existing roof, Re-frame multiple broken, buckled, rotted, and/or sagging roof trusses. (2 slopes, 18 trusses)

Install new roofing system with flashings throughout.

New counterflashing for chimneys and skylights.
IHS roofing crews in action In this photo, our company founder uses a floor jack and jig to 'pull' framing into place

Kitchen Remodel

Size: $60,000

Duration: 5 weeks

Description: Complete Remodel

1. Gut kitchen

2. Run new gas (all electric before), water, and electric for new appliances according to new floor plan.

3. Demo & rebuild walls & island for new floor plan.

4. Level & Set Cabinets

5. Install Crushed Quartz Countertops (3rd party)

6. Farm Sink Installtion: Rebuild cabinet to spec (to correct manufacturer error). Install Faucet, P-trap, Drain Assembly, Garbage Disposal, Reverse Osmosis, and Dishwasher. BOY was that all a tight fit!!

7. Install Gas Range, Range Hood & Exhaust, Refrigerator (connected to sink RO), and 220V Oven

Completion photo of Kitchen Remodel Completion photo of Kitchen Remodel

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Size: $30,000

Duration: 1 week

Description: Demo existing floor. Supply and install Underlayment & Acacia Engineered Hardwood Flooring.
Completion photo of Acacia Hardwood Floor Installation

New Deck

Size: $3,500

Duration: 3 Days

Description: Supply and Install treated deck
A brand new treated deck

Plaster Repair with Special Prep

Size: Small Repair

Duration: 1 Day

Description: Special percautions were taken on this project, and a ZERO DUST GUARENTEE was given.

This repair was for trophy retailer, but we offer additonal percautionary measures to the elderly and afflicted also.

Our plaster repairs are ALWAYS stronger than the original plaster installation.
Before and After comparison of a Plaster Repair project

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