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Restoration, Remodeling, & Repair Services

IHS Construction Co is a full service construction company (commercial & residentail) providing quality restoration, renovation, remodeling, and handyman projects.

With 15 years of service, we strive to be among the industry’s best. Attention to detail is applied to every project.

Premium Lifetime Flashing Systems
IHS Construction Co offers state of the art flashing and moisture barrier systems in conjunction with roofing services. These systems far exceed industry standard and will improve the overall apperance of your roofing system.
Doors and Windows
Drwall and plaster repair
Paint and texture matching
Tile & Stone
Roofing Siding, & Gutters
Appliance Installation
Chimney Repair
Leak Troubleshooting
Electrical Troubleshooting, switches, and fixtures
Plumbing leaks and fixtures

Kitchens and Bathrooms
Gutters, Fascia, and Sofit
Door & Windows
Drywall & Plaster
Emergency Services
Storm Restoration
Fire Restoration
Water Damage / Flood Damage
Mold Remidiation
Wood Rot Restoration
Decks & Patios
Kitchen Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Floor Plans

The IHS Expert Leak Troubleshooting Team
Only our best and brightest team members provide leak troubleshooting and repairs. Extensive training and a 5-year experience minimum ensures that our callback rate is extremely low when recommendations are followed.

Since most of these team members also manage full restoration services, we are good about seeing the whole picture and alerting you to possible damages or issues elsewhere.

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